Let WastePartner help achieve your zero waste to landfill vision

Waste Management

Waste Partner is a focused independent waste management consultancy, delivering a range of managed waste and recycling services. 

We are keen to differentiate ourselves from traditional ‘Waste Brokers’, in that we offer full transparency of invoicing, covering service supplier invoices, to ensure there is no ‘smoke and mirrors’ when it comes to charging.  Clients have access via a secure portal facility on our website to access uploaded copies of supplier invoices / audit documents / management information etc. This unique system allows our clients access to the true costs of waste disposal as well as assurance that the contract is being managed in a truly open manner. 

Waste Partner doesn’t have any directly owned assets to feed so we can enlist the services of the wider waste management and recycling market to supply you with a tailored Total Waste Management service, rather than only partially meeting your requirements because we are obliged to use directly owned assets/disposal sites. We are particularly adept at working in partnership with our clients to identify ways in which to reduce waste expenditure through a variety of mechanisms.  In order to achieve controlled management of wastes at a given location, there must first be a good understanding of both the methods and costs associated with existing practices. This is where the detailed site audit process is carried out by one of our experienced team members.

Waste Partner works with a huge range of waste and recycling businesses across the UK, to ensure that our clients are provided with the most cost effective and quality services. It is important to note that we are totally independent of any waste service supplier in the UK.  Our portfolio of service capability extends beyond the traditional landfill / transfer or MRF facilities, to an increasing selection of alternative treatment methodologies.

Furthermore, there is an additional benefit to note in utilising ‘non’ landfill waste disposal or recycling routes, in that these alternative methodologies for managing your waste will often enhance environmental reporting figures.

 Waste Partner place great emphasis on compliance and as such undertakes detailed due diligence audits on all appointed service suppliers no matter how big or small, to provide total piece of mind when it comes to understanding how your company’s waste is managed.  

As a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your Waste and Recycling needs, Waste Partner are able to manage all of your waste and recycling requirements under a single contract, thereby reducing much management time. We will not only provide you with a single invoice and detailed backing sheet, but also provide you with comprehensive monthly management reports, crucial in determining the performance of the contract.  

Quality and reliability is there in all that we offer – these are important aspects that can often get overlooked particularly in times of austerity and the drive to cut the costs of waste management.  Waste Partner prides itself on its dedicated team of specialists with a sharp focus on service delivery standards and quality and accurate information provided to our clients. 

Waste Management