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Compliance Support

Since the late 90’s, there has been vast amount of legislation and a shift change in the attitude towardsenvironmental matters and waste management in general.  Heightened awareness through education, media and the introduction of legislative drives have created a situation whereby producers are far more conscious, not only on the financial costs, but also the penalties for getting it wrong.

However, with so many changes occurring within a relatively short space of time can make it difficult for a waste producer to keep up with these changes. With a key member of Waste Partner having a strong background in regulatory compliance, we are well positioned to offer advice and support and keep you, our customers abreast of the legal requirements.

It’s therefore reassuring to know that Waste Partner adopts a ‘non-negotiable’ approach to compliance and will support and assist clients to maintain a position of legal compliance with all relevant UK & EU Waste Legislation.

We have developed on behalf of our clients a bespoke Waste Matrix pack (available in either hard copy format or via download through a unique and secure client login area on our website). This Pack is a comprehensive directory providing all the key documentation – for example:

  • Copy Waste Transfer Notes
  • Consignment Notes
  • Quarterly Returns
  • Premises Code registrations
  • Site Permits for receiving facilities
  • Waste Carriers Registrations
  • Insurances
  • Due Diligence Audit Reports on service suppliers
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Review Meeting Notes
  • Scanned copy invoices
  • Copies of various service supplier policy documents (Environmental / H&S / Quality etc), or ISO accreditations
Compliance Support